What a special day for Emily and Eduardo! Their wedding was both beautiful and intimate! I was contacted by this amazing family back in April about them hosting a wedding on their family farm for their daughter. From the start of our conversations, I could tell that this one was a couple that, indeed, were in love, and their family was so excited about their big day. The wedding day came, and I was pleased with the care and time they put in to decorate this small but beautiful wedding. Everything was gorgeous, from entering the farm through a long tree-covered driveway to the stunning farm-style home, the amazingly put-together decor, and the beautiful flower meadows. 

I spent time with Emily and Eduardo as if I had known them for many years. The same goes for Emily's parents! The feeling a photographer gets when they are on location for a shoot, and everything feels as if they are photographing a family member and not a paying client, is the perfect example of how I want to shoot every booking I have. I will never forget this day and this couple! Emily has gained her stamp as a 9184 Bride for life.