WOW! What a fantastic wedding for Shanika and Cedric in Hinesville, GA! Their day was amazing! When I walked into Shanika's room, I knew she was marrying her best friend. Her game face was on, and it was about making her day as special as it was. The nerves seemed missing because she knew the man she was marrying was only a short time from being her husband. The same mood I felt from Cedric during his getting ready photos.

This couple's wedding party was huge, but now I know why! Each of the people in their wedding party was closely connected to them, which shows family and friends are everything! It makes my heart warm because that is the foundation of 9184 Photography. Cedric's mom is the one that reached out to me to be their photographer, and I am glad she did! I am thankful and blessed that I was part of making their day special. Shanika, you are part of the 9184 Photography family and a forever #9184Bride.