Another testimony of pure love! This one hit close to home. Everything about this day was beautiful! A lovely couple that loves each other more than anything and a STRONG family that holds everyone together. Really reminds me of my family and the closeness we all share.

Let's just say this was another day that no one wants on their wedding day which was rain and more rain. Not to include it was very cold. We didn't get to take a lot of the ideal photos that were originally supposed to be outside on the beach for the ceremony but we made it all work inside.

I showed up on the wedding day and let's just say this was another day that no one wants on their wedding day which was rain and more rain. Not to include it was very cold. I brushed it off as nothing and prayed that the 90-100% chance of rain that we were experiencing would dissipate and the sun would make an appearance! That didn’t happen. The exact opposite happened. As I was photographing details outside of the house where I thought I could get better lighting, the heavens opened up more and the wind was blowing rain sideways. It wasn’t just a little sprinkle…. It was a tsunami. Latoya and Jefferey had picked to do their ceremony on the beach but it had to be moved to the ballroom where their reception was held. I was racking my brain for ideas of how to create beautiful portraits inside with very little natural light on such a gloomy day!

Everyone is at the house getting ready. We were hoping that maybe there would be a break so I could get the groom and groomsmen outside in a particular spot I noticed that would have been perfect but you had to walk outside and down some stairs! That didn't happen because they would have been soaked! We had to opt to take a quick photo as they were walking out of the house on the front porch. Not ideal but we made it happen. Latoya was ready shortly after and I got some amazing photos of her getting ready but didn't get the best photos of her and the girls outside. We were running behind schedule so I had to get to the venue for the ceremony.

We all get to the ballroom where the ceremony was being held and it wasn't what they originally had planned and there were some things that didn't go as they should but the ceremony was beautiful. Love was expressed and that is all that matters. These are my favorite wedding! You make what you have work and at the end of the day, you will be married to the one you are crazy in love with. All other things are materialistic and temporary. Love and happiness are for a lifetime. Jeffery and Latoya's love for one another is so apparent and I am so glad I was able to be a part of their special day. I pray for nothing but love and happiness for you two for many years to come. Below is a sneak peek of their day. Enjoy!

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