My name is Dericus Paul and my beautiful wife's name is Ashley! We have two handsome boys Noah age 4 and Alec age 1. I will have to admit... I am new to blogging and very surprised that I am taking a chance at writing about my personal life and the adventures of 9184Designs and Photography! All you english and grammar scholars out there don't nail me too bad! HAHA!

Over this weekend we had a very busy day on Saturday. It all started with our invite to Red Gate Farms in Savannah to celebrate Noah's friend Brock from Savannah Christian Preparatory School's birthday party. As soon as we arrived there was a jumping house for all the kids to play. Of course, Noah was excited and ran at the moment of interacting with all his friends from school. It was amazing for me to watch because before we moved to Savannah from Chattanooga he really didn't have this type of connection and this is one of the main reasons we moved. A new start with family near, and the growth of making friends for the boys and my wife and me.

On the property were horses, goats, and ponies. So, part of the party was the opportunity for all the kids to ride a pony which was a new experience for Noah. He seemed unsure and nervous at first but quickly seemed to be ok halfway through the ride. After, we all went back to the clubhouse where the party was held.

As the party progressed we hung out and just watch all the little ones have the time of their lives. There was food for all to eat but of course, the little guys and gals were not interested in eating. Although, when it was time for cake and candy all came running and stuffing their faces with the sugar and stickiness of it all! After inhaling sugar and beating the piñata it was gift time. We watched for a little while but it was now time for us to leave and embark on our next adventure at the pumpkin patch.

We arrive at Madrac Farms in Springfield, GA for the pumpkin patch a 30-minute drive later and we are all already tired. Whew! We sat in the car for a bit because Alec has fallen asleep and he needed to get a nap in or we wouldn't be able to manage the fussiness of a toddler. LOL! We finally get out to find what we would think would be the perfect pumpkin. But, it didn't end that way. We decided to just pick one from the front that was already picked from the patch. While we were there it was lots of fun activities for the kids to do including a homemade slide that both Noah and Alec loved! Mommy and daddy also took our turn at sliding down but after a few times and the inpatients of Alec not wanting to wait for his turn, it was time for us to go. Tired, drained, and covered in dirt!

I would say that it was a busy and tiring day but getting the chance for the boys to get out and have fun with friends and experience the pumpkin patch was all worth it.